Friday, October 1, 2010



- Barcelona. III EXHIBITION "DÍA INTERNACIONAL DE LA PINTURA" ( Proposal for an INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PAINTING in date of birth of Picasso, October 25 ). Video on YouTube (2008).


- Reality in cardboard. Via recogedor. See on flickr.

- On YouTube: Finger Painting on the Apple iPad. David Jon Kassan Website. Via companiaperfecta.

- Sandrine Estrade - Photomontages. Via recogedor. Sandrine Estrade Website.

- Jeff Nishinaka: paper sculptures. Via roc21. Watch video on YouTube.

- 70 fantastic origamis. Via creativosonline.

- On Creativos Online: 35 spectacular film posters. Via portafolioblog.

- 25 awesome minimalist superhero posters. Via portafolioblog.

- Illustration and graphic design: Christoph Niemann. Via Watch videos: mtviggy / youtube / dnevnik. See also: Abstract City Blog / twitter.

- Porcelain figurines for gore lovers. Via decoesfera. Jessica Harrison Website.

- Jim Denevan: large-scale sand art. Via microsiervos.

- Mike Stilkey: art with books. Via actualidadliteratura.

- Thomasallenonline: art with books. Via booksblog.

- Hyperrealism painting: Luis Pérez. Via recogedor.

- Dalton Ghetti: Pencil Sculptures. Vía microsiervos. See: YouTube / Vimeo.

- Video about the presentation of the book "Princesas para Princesas" (princesses for princesses) by Daniela Violi.

- 33 Illustrator’s Portfolio Website Design. Via dzineblog.

- Retro movie posters. Via isopixel. Olly Moss Website.

- Artists: Angela Fraleigh. Via

- The little sculptures of Isaac Cordal. Via See on flickr.

- 35 stunning elevator advertisements. Via puertopixel.

- MechaniCards. Via paperforest. Watch on YouTube.

- Paper Forest: things made of paper.

- Fantasy Art Gallery.

- Facebook 6 years ago. Via blogoff.

- Yum Yum: illustration, animation and design. Via recogedor.

- Animation on Vimeo: LOGORAMA.

- On Vimeo (music videoclip and animation): Let Go. Via cartoonbrew.

- Blog: Realismo en la pintura (realism in the painting).

- (cinema, art, photography, design...).

- On YouTube: "Visual Effects: 100 Years of Inspiration". Via bibliotecadeana.

- Digital Comic Museum. Via wwwhatsnew.

- Photoshop Tutorial: Army Squirrel Photo Manipulation. Via photoshoptutorials.

- Photoshop Tutorial: A Guide to Painting “The Clever Cat”. Via photoshoptutorials.


- 'Dark City', the movie that deserved the success that got 'Matrix' (In Spanish: 'Dark City', la película que mereció el éxito que se llevó 'Matrix'). Via blogdecine. See article about this movie on wikipedia. Trailer on YouTube.

- On Psdtuts+: A Brief History of Computer Icons. Via creativosonline.

- Google Open Spot: Find and share parking. Vía tuexperto.

- Toys: more than a game. Collectible toys (use google translator - above in this page) . Via revistadearte.

- Artists – the vanguard of gentrification. Via presseurop.

- GLAM in in: how can Wikipedia and cultural institutions collaborate and understand one another? Via

- Blogs as Art Galleries (In Spanish: Los "blogs" como galerías de arte). Via suite101. See: Turn of the Century / El Desván del Abuelito / Wurzeltod.

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  • Tuesday, June 1, 2010



    - On ART-IN-SPAIN:

    - PHOTOESPAÑA 2010, 9 June - 25 July.

    - Madrid. In the Prado Museum: "Turner and the Masters", until September 19th.

    - Madrid. In the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: "Ghirlandaio and Renaissance Florence", until October 10th.

    - Barcelona. In the Picasso Museum of Barcelona: "Picasso vs. Rusiñol", until September 5th.

    ... and more information and links about art, culture and tourism.


    - 30 Old Car Brochures Designs Samples. Via brochuresprintingonline / creativosonline.

    - Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things. Vía ateneupopular.

    - On YouTube: Flyfire 3D. Via ceslava.

    - Photography: Looking into the Past From the Present. Via unrealitymag / isopixel.

    - Illustration: Alice and the green buds.

    - Artists: Susana Ragel. Via recogedor.

    - Artists: Elisa Anfuso. Via think.bigchief.

    - Illustration: Jason Chan. Via ilustrame.

    - Street art: 2:12, Virgin Mary, Galveston. Via pristina.

    - Hyperbolic Geometry: /[2]. Via microsiervos.

    - Artists: Ricardo Sanz. Via recogedor.

    - Tim Burton’s Rabbit hole. Via ateneupopular. Watch on vimeo.

    - 25 Fantastic Vector Portraits. Via vector.tutsplus.

    - 200 Pixar Characters on a comparative scale. Via bluebus.

    - Nathan Sawaya: art with Lego bricks.

    - Stop motion Animations on YouTube: Grease, Beatles.

    - Design and architecture: Roll it. Via vectroave.

    - Design: Circular Walking Bookshelf. Via vectroave.

    - Design: Take Out - Furniture with Portable Valises. Via freshome / decoesfera.

    - Design: Full-fat milk doorstop. Via existingvisual / trecool. Duncan Shotton website.

    - Art with paper. Via basurillas.

    - Art with staples by Baptiste Debombourg. Via flavorwire / kabytes. See Website.

    - Madame Peripetie x Lola Dupré. Via pristina. See: Madame Peripetie / wastedlola.

    - Enki Bilal: illustration, comic...

    - Flickr groups: Info Graphics.

    - Encyclopedia Titanica: encyclopedia about the Titanic. See also: wikipedia / titanicinbelfast / discovery / youtube / fundaciontitanic (in Spanish) / vimeo / titanic-nautical / bbc / bbc[2].

    - Short Film: Ataque de Pánico! ( Panic Attack! ).


    - Wikipedia: What is Android?

    - Plink is joining Google. Via plinkart / wwwhatsnew.

    - Anamorphosis: Drawings that turns into an outstanding 3D Images. Via planetoddity / maikelnai . See also: wikipedia.

    - The importance of daydreaming. Via / maikelnai.

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  • Monday, February 1, 2010



    - In ART-IN-SPAIN:

    - Art Fairs in Madrid.

    - Exhibitions: Palma, Majorca. In CaixaForum Palma: “German expressionists (1902-1930). Kunsthalle Emden Collection”, until April 18th. / Madrid. In the Mapfre Foundation (Fundación Mapfre): "Impressionism: A Modern Renaissance" (click on "VISITA VIRTUAL"), until April 22. / Madrid. In the Prado Museum: "Dutch Painters at the Prado", until April 11. / Madrid. In the Juan March Foundation (Fundación Juan March): "Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)", until May 16 / ...

    - Other news and links.


    - Tutorial: Create a Valentines Day Illustration. Vía tutsplus.

    - Flickr Photographers: Bradford Gregory. Via roc21.

    - The art in the Global warming era. Via pristina. See Kate McDowell WebSite.

    - Illustrators: Douglas Alves. Via ateneupopular.

    - Art Podcasts. Via artnewsblog. Websites and Podcasts: artbizblog / tate / learnoutloud / guardian / badatsports.

    - Animation on YouTube: Bunny (Theme Planet World). Sormann 3d.

    - On YouTube: Toy Story 3 -Trailer.

    - Walt Disney Studios on YouTube: in Spanish / (trailers) in English / WebSite.

    - VINTAGE ad BROWER: old ads compilation. Via ateneupopular.

    - 100 Years of Illustration and Design.

    - Illustration: Waldemar Kazak.

    - TIME Magazine Archive, 1923 to the present.

    - 30 Examples of Latte Art. Via webdesignledger / creativosonline. YouTube video: Latte Art.

    - Animation and video: Minuscule - "A good education". On Vimeo / YouTube. See article: wikipedia.

    - On Vimeo: IKEA Heights, serie filmed in IKEA. Via trecool.

    - Photoshop Tutorial: how to give a person a cute doll-like face. Via photoshoptutorials.

    - Create a Slick and Minimalist Web Layout in Photoshop. Via sixrevisions.

    - 30 Illustrations of Robots. Via sixrevisions.

    - Little People. Via delicious (turkishdelight).

    - Blog of Mattias Adolfsson (illustrator). Via vectoralia.

    - Video on Vimeo: The Cabbie. Via fdlog.

    - LEGO Digital Designer. Via pequesymas.

    - 2D and 3D Illustration: Hyung Jun Kim and Eun hee choi. Via miraycalla.

    - Women illustrators. Via ortakales.

    - Castle-Magazine: illustrative magazine.


    - Jean Simmons Tribute. Via thegoldenyears. On YouTube.

    - What is a Lapbook? Video 1 / Video 2. Via pequesymas.

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  • Thursday, October 1, 2009



    - In ART-IN-SPAIN. Information about these exhibitions:

    Madrid. In the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: "FANTIN-LATOUR (1836-1904)", until January 10, 2010. // Seville. In the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville: "Casa de Alba Collection", until January 10, 2010. // Madrid. In CaixaForum Madrid: "Palladio, the Architect (1508-1580)", until January 17, 2010. // Madrid. In the Juan March Foundation: "Caspar David Friedrich: the art of drawing", until January 10, 2010.


    - Video on Vimeo: 3650 days to save the world and counting... Via soygik.

    - WebSite with photo galleries of human attitudes: exactitudes.

    - Graffiti: Cry Baby Cry. Via isopixel.

    - Photographers: Nick Veasey. Art with X-rays. Via sopadeciencias.

    - Juxtapoz Magazine: art and culture online magazine.

    - Lost At E Minor: online publication of inspiring art, illustration, photography, music, fashion, film, and more...

    - Animation on YouTube: MUTO.

    - CalArts and the short films of the 2009 Graduating Class. Via blogdecine. Blog of CalArts.

    - 15 incredible images without Photoshop. Via comunactivox / portafolioblog.

    - The 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time. Via / esquizopedia.

    - Madrid sketched. Via microsiervos. Blog of Enrique Flores.

    - Houses of biscuits and sweets. Via kireei.

    - How to draw REALISTIC EYES with Photoshop. Via lovecolors.

    - How to Draw a Female Portrait in Photoshop.

    - In YouTube: Work in progress of an illustration with photoshop. Via vectoralia.

    - Canal Plus Advertisement: The March of the Emperor. Via twitter/kurioso.

    - Blog: La Inquieta Tentación.


    - You Tube, a place for the art. Via elcultural. Videos on YouTube: Manhattan bridge piers / Calico. See article: nytimes.

    - How are the creative persons? (use google translate). Via ateneupopular.

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  • Friday, May 1, 2009

    Bimestrial ART NEWS




    - Animation: The Seed. Website of Nexus Productions. Via aeromental.

    - Supinfocom: French 3D Animation School ( Vimeo Channel / Supinfocom Website. Via blogdecine.

    - Playing with Wire. Via Roc21.

    - Famous works of art simpsonized. Via roc21. See also: aviary.

    - Design: a practical plug.

    - Custom Skateboards. Via Portafolio Blog.

    - 20 Beautiful Examples of Light Graffiti. Via Esquizopedia.

    - The Enchanted Doll. Via Recogedor.

    - Illustration and design: Ouou (Blog / Flickr). Via Recogedor.

    - In YouTube: 100 and one faces.

    - Virtual Tour: The White House. See Wikipedia article: in English / in Spanish.

    - Urban art (over a public glass recycling container). Via tumentecrea.

    - Funny Photo Illusions. Via

    - Show your emotions. Via ohgizmo.

    - Star Wars blog.

    - Top 10 Flash Website Designs for 2009. Via ebizmba.


    - Cinema: Star Trek XI ( startrekmovie / wikipedia / imdb ), Coraline ( coraline / wikipedia / imdb / youtube / youtube[2] / youtube[3] / youtube[4] / filminfocus ), Ice Age 3 ( iceagemovie / wikipedia / imdb ), Up ( disneypictures / wikipedia / imdb ), Terminator Salvation ( terminatorsalvation / wikipedia / imdb ).

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