Monday, September 1, 2008

Bimestrial ART NEWS




- In Flickr: Compilation with "The End" image in more than 100 films. Via Soy Gik.

- 'The movie map' (with the help of users around the world) filming locations and places where movies have been made. Via Blog de cine.

- Drexter Magazine: art and culture magazine in pdf format.

- Wikiwix: Wikipedias search engine.

- In Go MediaZine: Tutorial to create ornate lettering. Via rudeworks.

- Art of the title. Compilation of Title sequences in various films. Via Cosas visuales. More Title sequences: Via Prrofesor Potâchov de Moldavia.

- "Anycoloryoulike", design trash bags. Via portafolioblog.

- Flamenco online magazines: deflamenco and flamenco-world.

- Art with forks. Via elreactor.

- Art made with peculiar materials. Via cookieface.

- Rock balancing: the ephemeral art of the almost impossible. Via kikades. See also: wikipedia / slightlywarped / rock-on-rock-on / teamsandtastic.

- Angry Alien Productions: movies in 30 seconds.

- 50 Online Applications and Sites to Consider. Via cosassencillas.

- Ideas4All: share ideas.

- American Masters: important people in the culture of the United States.

- Photographers in flickr: Thomas Hawk.

- In YouTube: animation by Geoff McFetridge.

- social network to share magazines. Via genbeta.

- WEAK: animation for a music videoclip.


- Import and Export in Blogger. Via blogandweb.

- Google Chrome: the Google web browser. See article in wikipedia.

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